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U.S.E. Trio, saxophonist Andrew Urbina, drummer Matt Scarano, and bassist Sandy Eldred, formed in late 2017. Their affinity for improvising over unique, and often improvised, musical forms is what inspired the project. Each member contributes compositions to the bands ever-growing repertory.


The trio has released five albums, "Sideways Circle", "Sideways Circle LIVE", "Impact", "Twilight", and "Happy Metal". The band hosts two monthly music residencies in Philadelphia, the Creative Concepts in Jazz Series and Jazz Night at the Ukrainian League, whereupon they continue to workshop new compositions, arrangements, and improvisations. U.S.E. Trio is represented by record label, Each and Only.

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"adventurous, fresh, exciting, focused…honest... this is a trio of the highest order" - Norman David

"loaded with an unabashed rock energy and blues-old cognizance" - Mike Jurkovic

"the robustness of rock joins the elasticity of jazz... overflows with musicality and virtuosity" - Jazz Trail

"ferocious, soothing, organic, heartfelt" - Jonathan Whitney

"the only thing that outshines their fantastic musicianship is their unapologetic originality... every single note you hear from U.S.E. Trio is honest... their sound is both unique and musical" - Joshua Madoff

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