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U.S.E. Trio

Welcome to our EPK! Here you can learn about the band on one simple page. Should you like to go deeper, feel free to visit our full website using the tabs above. Thanks for visiting! - U.S.E. Trio

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Emerging in 2017, U.S.E. Trio—comprising saxophonist Andrew Urbina, drummer Matt Scarano, and bassist Sandy Eldred—coalesced around their mutual affinity for spontaneous musical expression within unconventional frameworks. This shared ethos ignited the trio’s creative spark, with each member contributing compositions to the ensemble.


U.S.E. Trio's musical journey has led to the release of five albums: "Sideways Circle," "Sideways Circle LIVE," "Impact," "Twilight," and "Happy Metal."

Based in Philadelphia, the trio nurtures their craft through a monthly music residency at the Ukrainian League of Philadelphia. Here, they continually refine their artistry, exploring new compositions, improvisations, and sonic territories. U.S.E. Trio is proudly represented by the record label Each and Only.


Mike Jurkovic (All About Jazz)

"loaded with an unabashed rock energy and blues-old cognizance"

Jazz Trail

"the robustness of rock joins the elasticity of jazz... overflows with musicality and virtuosity" 

Norman David

"adventurous, fresh, exciting, focused…honest... this is a trio of the highest order" 


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